Dr Thankis Immune Booster

Immunity is not a one day game, it takes several weeks and months to build immunity. Hence we recommend you to include our immunity booster in your routine so that you are better equipped to fight any disease.
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Taking care of your immune system should be the topmost priority of everyone. The covid 19 epidemic had made us realise that.

Researchers from our company have successfully found a very effective herbal medicine for this virus from our world renowned Ayurveda medicine in the name of Dr. Thanki’s Immune Booster.
Our product is a combination of three herbs in which each herb has a specific role to destroy the three major parts of the structure of the virus..

What is Immune System ?

The power to fight with unwanted or unhealthy pathogens causing several serious diseases.
Taking all necessary actions to keep intact your immune system should not be a reactive approach. It should be actively and religiously done. A healthy immune system is almost a panacea (cure all) for almost all diseases.

How does this product work ?

Every cell is consists of two layers and a nucleus. Almost all viruses are found to contain Glycoprotein as outer layer and Lypoprotein as inner layer, but in the corona virus the outer layer is Lypoproteiin layer which is very difficult to destroy to kill the virus.
This product consists of three herbs as a combination. Its active ingredient can first dissolve the Lypo protein layer and then quickly reaches to kill the nucleus resulting in the infected person becoming disease free on the regular and prescribed dosage of this treatment

Dosage for immune system booster

Dosage to enhance your immunity as a preventive measure

  • Adults:- 1 tsp twice a day with water.
  • Children:- 1/2 tsp twice a day
  • Infant:-Lick on the tongue(twice a day) after making a paste of 1/4 tspwith Honey

Dosage to enhance your immunity as a curative measure

  • 1 tsp thrice a day with water +
  • Dr. Thanki's Tum Can capsules: Two capsules thrice a day with water to get a fast and better result.

Key ingredients

1. Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris can destroy outer protein cover due to the presence of the following chemicals
  • Saponin Glycosides which contains Diogenin, Rucogenin & Gitogenin
  • Alkaloids which contains Harmine & Harman
  • Flavone glycoside:- which contains Disogenin ---steroidal saponin(4-6%), Enzyme Sapoginase, Glycoides and phenolic compound. Disogenin ---steroidal sapponin is capable of reacting and dissolving the Lypoprotein layer.
2. Gymnema Sylvestre: Destroy the inner protein layer as glycoprotein layer due to the presence of the following chemicals
  • Hentriacontane
  • Pentriacontine
  • Phytin
  • Resin
  • Tartric acid
  • Formic acid
  • Butyric acid
  • Mucilage
  • Inocitol
  • D-Quircitilol
  • Gymnemic acid: Only Gymnemic acid has capacity to dissolve inner protein layer made of glycoprotein.
  • Anthroquinonederavatives
  • Triterpene Saponin
3. Curcuma Longa is well known as antibiotic which destroy the nucleus.
Disclaimer: The result may vary from person to person.